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  • Nightlife. Who knew?

    I don’t know how I end up in these situations. This summer I’ve gotten into the restaurant industry. It was kind of a bucket list thing. Also, majority of my friends and acquaintances are bartenders or servers. So, Why not? I will say this… It’s a different world being behind the bar. Than sitting at…

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  • Another Title

    It’s been a while. Working to pay for my newest venture. Becoming a DJ! I swear things are coming full circle these days. I was chatting with my sister on Christmas Day. She reminded how I was spinning at her birthday party. I was about thirteen years old at the time.

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  • In a minute.

    The guys at Shroomtown Productions are taking a short break from the Chazz and Company series. Due to someone deciding to work on a new album. Oops!

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  • Who knows?

    I was listening to the tons of incomplete songs, that I’ve worked on. After hearing a majority of them. I thought to myself, “Why did I stop?” Then I remembered I’ve found my sound. Clearly, those songs weren’t it. However, some are really good. I was talking to a fellow producer. Who suggested that I…

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  • Happy October!

    Normally, I can’t stand the fall. The cold weather is just frustrating. It’s getting dark outside earlier and earlier. I’ve become accustomed to the summer. I didn’t mind the heat at all. Which at one point of time. I was complaining about that too.

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