It Takes Five To Tango…. -Bartender Chronicles

It’s a balls hot Sunday afternoon. The brunch rush and staff has left the building. As the evening crew prepares for a wild night of Screaming Queens and Death Dropping Dudes. The girls are outside and it’s going to be an unpredictable night as usual.

The night crew consists of Anthony. He’s in his mid thirties who is a model and actor. Presley, who’s in his early forties. He works in an office during the day. He’s an aspiring DJ and producer. Kenny, mid thirties is a realtor. Sheila, an aspiring rapper in her twenties and Ricky who works at five other restaurants across the city. He’s in his thirties and is quite the player. As Presley saunters in the room making sure that Kenny notices. He gives a polite hello and hugs Sheila. He turns to Anthony and introduces himself. Immediately Presley jumps on the welcome train and wants to know everything about him. Ricky instantly laughs at Presley and tells him to stop flirting. He wasn’t though, he worked with Kenny the night before and it was already a crush. Within an hour Anthony begins to playfully throw things at Presley. Who is completely caught off guard. At the same time… When Presley flirts and plays around. It’s to make the time go faster. Nothing more, nothing less.

As the team gets paired and dispersed. Kenny and Sheila are in the front. Anthony and Presley in the back. This is right up his alley. He gets to torment Presley. At the same time he’s showing off his skills. Which Presley was intrigued by in the first place. Kenny comes to visit in the back. He remembered to show them magical thing his does with the shaker. Presley masters it on the first try. He runs back to the front. Anthony and Presley begin to chat about life outside of work. The two have a lot in common. Although, Presley is a little intimidated by the fact that Anthony is younger than him. That doesn’t last very long as he learns techniques. The two goof around and everyone is entertained. They make a lot of money, noticing that they are a great team and enjoy working together. Low key, we think Presley has a little crush. He would only act on it. Only, if it was initiated.

As Presley slips into the front to take a break. He notices Ricky in a panic and is looking for the manager. His eyes were doing these strange rolls. It was definitely from the smoke session and mushrooms that they had before the event started. “How much did you take?” Presley asked. “I ate all three” replied Ricky. He had no choice but to leave. Presley, covered for him and made up some story. The line is extremely long for the restroom. You would think that the staff had a private bathroom. Sheila cuts the line and pushes Presley into the stall. Immediately shouting… “THE STAFF DOES NOT WAIT ON ANY LINES HERE!!” She’s such a bad ass! As he washes his hands, he notices someone standing behind him in the mirror. The gentleman who was standing at maybe six foot, five. Light skinned, Hispanic with a heavy New York accent. He was either from Bushwick or the Lower East Side. He gives Presley a paper towel and tells him that his name is Jeremy and he’s a fan the margarita that he ordered. Presley responded with, “I know you had six of them”. Anthony ends up leaving early. Which left Presley alone for the last hour and a half. It was the end of the world until the next time they worked together. Thankfully, he had the new regular Jeremy to keep him busy.

It’s a bit calm as the night comes to an end. Jeremy takes out his goodies and begins rolling up a few joints. Presley informs everyone that it’s last call and immediately shuts down the bar. The manager comes in the back and Jeremy tells him how much he’s enjoyed the drinks and service. Then he mentions how much he loves Presley. He closes out his tab and left a generous tip. Out of nowhere, David walks into the room and asks for a beer. David is a regular partygoer who frequents the club. He’s usually on whatever makes him want to hug everyone. He picks up Presley and spins him around. Inquiring about his whereabouts the past weekend. They catch up and he gives David two beers on the house. Jeremy, asked if Presley was down for a drink at the restaurant next door. At first, he was hesitant. However, it was a nice night and he wasn’t in a rush to go home.

Of course, all eyes are on Presley. As he prepares to leave for the night. He then yells… “We’ll be next door if y’all are coming!” As they settle into a quiet corner in the back. He lights up his joint and it smells like strawberries. He passes it and Presley hits it and coughs. He mentioned that it was from some dispensary where he works. As he’s telling his story. He began to line up some blow on the table. He lines up three. He offers Presley and he accepts. They continue talking about nothing. Until a Whitney Houston song comes on. They dance for about seven songs and make out as if no one was in the room. It’s been a while since Presley hooked up with anyone. Since his ex moved to Japan. He definitely enjoyed the night and plans to keep in touch with Jeremy.

When Presley gets home… He receives two texts. One from Jeremy talking about how much fun he had getting to know him. The other was from Anthony who finds Presley extremely attractive and funny suggesting that they should hang out outside of work. Stay tuned.


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