Chess… Anyone? -Bartender Chronicles

It’s Chess night at the spot. Which means it’s a fun and huge money night for the bartenders. A new one joined the team. I swear, every week there’s someone new. Which kinda sucks because you can connect with someone and next thing you know. Poof! They’re gone!

That’s why it’s important to exchange contacts. Anyway, we formed a great thing behind the bar. I’m still learning how to make cocktails. I’m heavy handed as crazy. Then with me having the shakes. It doesn’t make it any better. I appreciate his patience with me. As well as, the goofing around with me. He definitely makes the night better. I’ll admit we’re quite an attractive group. It’s someone for everyone. I was even told that we are “Eye Candy”. It’s definitely appreciated.

It was a vice versa thing that night. These guests were super hot. I was like a kid in a candy store. The drinks were flowing and each section was filled with all sorts of activities. You had folks playing chess, checkers, spades and dancing to some old school hip hop. The back patio has the stoners and smokers. The contact high was disastrous. The dance floor began to get a little dirty. People are sweating and all over each other. The room was dark blue and smoky. I couldn’t see anything but the two bags of blow on the floor. It was just on the floor, minding its own business. Why did I pick it up? These days you have to double check things. You never know what it might be laced with. Thank goodness for test strips. Or, it might be a totally different substance. Like “K” which is pretty intense. I have nothing against anyone who uses it. It’s just something I can’t do.

It was definitely blow. I gave it to security and ate me an edible. As I’m walking back to my station. Some woman is being dragged across the floor. What? Folks are recording this foolishness! I’m trying to figure out why this is happening. Apparently, it was some kind of dance move. Somehow I make a reverse trip. Oh yeah.. I went to the doorman and security to tell them what I saw. We chatted for a good minute. Meanwhile, I have a busser holding me down in the back. He can’t make a drink and I know it’s going to chaotic when I get back there.

I’m back in my station. It’s a happy little place. My manager comes to the back and tells me that the ambulance is here fixing someone. Apparently, some guy passed out on the dance floor. I immediately thought it was one of the people dragging each other around. I was so wrong. He definitely looked like it wasn’t from alcohol. It might have been a combination of it all. There was a woman who assisted before they arrived. She was telling us that it was definitely too much of a substance. His nose was pretty busted. She had some kind of medicine to help him. She was definitely a blessing. It would’ve been the end of him. As well as the spot. A gentleman politely interrupts and orders an espresso martini. He makes a slick comment about the situation. It was a bad joke. But somehow I chuckled. I feel him staring at me and I’m not one for that. I asked him why he keeps staring. He responds with a laugh and says you’re cute. It was totally unexpected. I now have someone sitting and talking to me for three hours.

My coworkers take notice and laugh. There’s this thing that I flirt with any and everyone. I mean, you have to make tips. I’m just doing my job. We’re back and forth about what we do. I’m interested in this dude. But not in a romantic way at all. He’s a musician. It was the other way around. The hand touching began and I curbed it right away. He left soon after. Which I thought. I sigh in total relief. I realize that this is something that I have to get used to. You can get hit on, named called or even physically attacked. The night goes on with everyone talking about the dude.

It’s now 3 in the morning. All the lights are on. I’m closing down my station. I finally walk out the floor and it’s trashed. The floor is pitch black and full of just dirt. We count our money and tips. It was an amazing night. We suddenly hear this noise in the restroom. The door opens and it’s the dude who was chatting me up. He takes a seat and starts going through his phone. We tell him that we’re cleaning and the night is over. He says that there’s this spot a few blocks away and wants me to come with him. I’m trying to take myself home and shower this night away. I tell him that my coworker is driving me home. He doesn’t have a car. He went along with it. He still sat there while we cleaned around him. He takes out some flowers and begins rolling up. After that he asked for some water and lines up two good traces of blow and smiles. I laugh and declined the blow. We did smoke with him. I didn’t go to the next spot with him. One day I might. Who knows?

Since then…. He’s become quite the regular.


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