That was interesting. -Bartender Chronicles

It was a cold and rainy Saturday night. Yo! It was freaking brick! It was one of the coldest days in New York City. I was hoping to get my night cut. So I can stay home and binge watch Three’s Company. While I bake myself into an oblivion. That totally didn’t happen. I looked up at the sky and said.. “Dude! You definitely owe me!”

I definitely thought that I was going to be walking around being some champagne server. I was not in the mood to get trampled on by a bunch of smelly people. This crowd wasn’t bad at all. We’ve definitely had a few busted ones. I’m talking bad attitude, bad fashion just plain bad. This night happened to be a night when folks were getting fired left and right. Then one bartender calls out. I call him the main bartender. He’s been bartending there the longest. Although, you had others who thought they were.

My manager runs to me in a panic. How do you feel about bartending? I respond with an “I don’t know, I’ve done it at barbecues and showers. Basic crap like vodka soda, gin tonics. You know bull crap.” He laughed and said “You’ll be fine.” I go back there and it felt strange. I’ll make myself mocktails or coffee. Now I’m behind this bar about to serve a crowd of maybe 250. The main bar had two bartenders. I was all alone. With no bar back, no one to check on me. I was so thankful for not eating any edibles. Things could’ve been worse.

Two hours later, my boss comes back and asks if I’m okay. I’m crushing this thing! My tip glass was overflowing and all presidents. I’m now high as a kite. It was pretty easy. So, Ive decided to eat a good amount. A few of the guests were too. There was a young woman who had to be in the early thirties. She comes to me for the third or fourth time. I didn’t remember her drink. I did remember her name. Which was good enough. She orders a crap ton of drinks. I’m thinking about how she will get these drinks to her friends. She begins small talk with me. I felt her vibe and we were chatting up a storm. Suddenly, she takes out a jar. It was the size of a mayonnaise jar. She opens it and begin to sniffs a really good line of blow. I was in total shock. Not about her doing it. It was where it happened. I’m used to being discreet and going to the restroom. She looks at me and laughs. Then was extremely generous to offer. I politely declined and wiped her nose before she left the bar. At the very end of the night. She comes to say goodnight and tips $200. I looked up at the sky. Giving a wink and nod.

Four months later I’m a full fledged bartender. I have some insane stories to tell. I’ll be back with more.


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