I’m always thankful for missing out on the drama. However, I will admit that when I hear about it. I’m bummed that I missed out. Only, if it’s work related. Whether, it’s good or bad. The tea is always brewed to perfection. My face gets tons of exercise from my expressions.

I walk into the second job of the day. The first one went rather smoothly. The crowd was a bit aggravating but it was manageable. I’m setting up my bar for the party. It was a poetry reading that turned into an insane party until two in the morning. My manager comes in and he goes “Are you ready?” Although, I’m already crashing from lack of sleep and coming from another job. I’m like, “Oh sure!” All I’m thinking about is rushing to the dispensary to get some goodies in order to survive the night.

That’s when it all began. I take my trip to the store. I see one of my favorites behind the counter. We get to talking for about fifteen minutes. I get enough to last a while. As soon as, I get back inside. I’m hit with…. “Bro! You missed it!!” Nothing is new, I replied. “You’re alone again tonight.” Which is fine because I get to have fun behind the bar. I find out that someone was terminated. Due to insubordination and what not. It’s a bummer because I liked this person. I’ll probably never see them again. We didn’t follow each other on anything. We just had amazing conversations and a great working relationship. However, it was understandable and you go on with the day.

It’s now almost the end of the party. I begin shutting down the bar. My manager comes and tells me another one bit the dust. Now this one was just insane. The bouncer was flirting with the party goers waiting in line. A woman recorded the entire thing. The things that he was saying to these women. Omg! It was beyond disrespectful, disrespectful and disheartening to hear. This guy earned that one.

It’s been a few days and I know I’m going to hear something tomorrow night.


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