Nightlife. Who knew?

I don’t know how I end up in these situations. This summer I’ve gotten into the restaurant industry. It was kind of a bucket list thing. Also, majority of my friends and acquaintances are bartenders or servers. So, Why not? I will say this… It’s a different world being behind the bar. Than sitting at the bar or partying.

Not really.

I’m totally having a blast! On the patron side, it can be totally awkward. When you’re behind the bar you have absolutely no choice. That’s how the money comes in. I’ve definitely experienced getting hit on a lot more and had some really uncomfortable conversations. At the end of the night. You’ll end up just laughing about the shenanigans. I’ve found so much crap that people leave behind. I just have to get used to these people constantly coming up to me. I have a particular crowd that comes to my section. Characters.

It was a Saturday night and I’ve just completed a job hours before. Whenever, it’s club night I’ll either handle the door. Or, walk around serving drinks. This particular night, the bar staff was short and busy. My manager comes up to me and tells me. “Change of plans, I’m going to put you behind the bar tonight.” I’m thinking. Wait! I’m going to be alone. No bar back, I can only make simple pleasures. I haven’t mastered any specialty drinks. At the same time, I was super excited.

I get back there. I set up the bar and quadruple checked if I had everything. Thankfully, these folks just wanted wine, beer and mixed drinks. There were moments when I had a huge rush. Everyone was pretty patient and I acknowledged each of them. The flirting back and forth has to be the best. I’ve also met and networked with a few musicians. The DJ’s who come and play have been super helpful and inspiring. It’s been only a month that it’s been a thing. I’m now hearing… So and So came looking for you. I’m embracing being thanked about six times as the person is leaving. I’ve cut someone off when I saw them doing too much. I’m getting good reviews. The tips have been pretty solid. It’s definitely a vibe.

Stay tuned for stories.


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