Along with producing….

I’ve added DJ to my resume. I remember talking about this with my sister. She reminded me of the time when I played for her birthday. I think it was her eighth birthday. Also, I would make mixtapes for friends. I would’ve made some serious bank if I sold them. I was just happy that they were interested and enjoyed it.


I have this thing that when I’m working an event. I bond with the DJ… I’ll hit him or her with a ton of questions. At times I feel like it’s an annoyance. But once you mention that it’s something you’re interested in. The tone definitely changes and I walk away with some great advice. An early birthday present to myself is a DJ controller. I’m about to upset a few neighbors. At the end of the day… We can just call it even. I’ve done the unboxing, downloading and installing. I’m not a person who reads manuals. I’ll watch how to videos on YouTube.

With this happening I’ll be spinning with a partner. An instant connection happened upon meeting. We have a lot in common. Which can be very helpful in many situations. What works is our taste in music. He’s also an artist/producer. The goal is to be in a duo or trio. He’s definitely down for the cause. I guess I can just say “STAY TUNED!”


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