Another Title

It’s been a while. Working to pay for my newest venture. Becoming a DJ! I swear things are coming full circle these days. I was chatting with my sister on Christmas Day. She reminded how I was spinning at her birthday party. I was about thirteen years old at the time.

Here we are about 30 years later. I’m gaining the courage to do so. I’ve stood next to a few DJ’s and covered while they take a breather. However, to spin my own set. That’s something that I’ve never done. Which the inspiration from a friend. I’m actually pumped about this.

As I’m shopping around for equipment. Along with watching tutorials and spending time with other DJ’s. It’s pretty pricey for the right equipment. Although, most places do provide. I need to have my own. I’m planning to become pretty huge. Currently, I’ve invested in a practice set. The mixing and scratches are a work in progress. This is going to be so awesome! I’m looking forward to remixing and carrying on in the clubs.

The exciting part is teaming up with my friend who is also a producer. He’s more into the trap and hard core dance music. I’m more of a soulful house/lounge guy. His playlists are pretty amazing. He’s never disagreed with me about a song. We’re a great duo whenever we’re out and about. Why not make the people dance?

I’m also working on my new album. It’s looking like an EP to be honest. A new single will be released in late January. Until then my current album “Chazz” is available on all music streaming platforms.


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