Who knows?

I was listening to the tons of incomplete songs, that I’ve worked on. After hearing a majority of them. I thought to myself, “Why did I stop?” Then I remembered I’ve found my sound. Clearly, those songs weren’t it. However, some are really good. I was talking to a fellow producer. Who suggested that I work on something.

I actually did right away.

While my current album is doing pretty good. It definitely surpassed my expectations. I’m looking at numbers and it’s cool to see which tracks are getting more plays. Also, which type of playlists that my songs are on. It’s also shocking to see where your audience is. Thank you Atlanta for showing “A Great Night” some love.

I’ve played a few techno tracks that I’ve started, while competing “Chazz”. Immediately, I began working on those. The outcome has been pretty awesome. I don’t know if/when I’m going to release a new album. I will say this… These five tracks are for sure going to be on the album. Another inspiration came from a playlist on Apple Music called, “House Grooves’. I highly recommend this playlist for those that want to get their dance on.

This project is going to be a bit more uptempo. Actually, way more uptempo. While “Chazz” has a majority of dance and house tracks. It’s slowed down a bit with songs like “Feel The Pressure, Tranquility, A Great Night and I’m Good.” Who knows, I’m saying this now. I might end up releasing an album full of “Trap Music”. That would be pretty interesting. I’m not going that far back.

Who knows, I may re-release “Chazz” and add a few new songs. That I don’t want to do. But, I did think about it.

One response to “Who knows?”

  1. I’ve listened to your music and I thought you were from the
    United Kingdom. You and your music gives me that vibe. You definitely have fans here and I’m looking forward to what’s next. Much love!

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