The Album

Although, this is my third full length project. This is actually my first album. The other two are mixtapes. This album wasn’t supposed to happen at all. I was just going to release singles. I’m thankful for the my two C’s. They convinced me to work on another project.

I started searching for different DAW’s. I’ve learned how to play a few instruments in the studio. Thanks to my dude James. I was listening to Jody Watley’s “Midnight Lounge” album and I was inspired immediately to begin something. This couldn’t happen at a better time. It was winter and I wasn’t trying to be outside. Once, I’ve played a few tracks in the studio. The magic began and it was insane.

We’ve worked nonstop for hours. I even remembered us not showering for a few days. We did have toothpaste, so we were good in that department. Once, I’ve found the sound and direction that I wanted. I knew that I’m a dance/electronic music artist and producer. I will continue to produce R&B and other genres. However, it’s funk, disco and house music for now. On this album there’s some dubstep, reggae and jazz. Although, this is mostly a dance album.

We did have a few bumps along the way. Midway through production James and Alex were hit the variant. Playing doctor with these two were interesting. This led to me producing a few tracks by myself. A few made it to the album. “Pulse, Dreams of Funk, 4am, and Blackout.” This totally tested my patience and I’ve given up at least four times. Once, I’ve heard “Get Up”. We kept going.

This album is a 15 track bop. I’m so freaking proud of this album. As I mentioned earlier… it’s a dance album consisting funk, dubstep, house, reggae and jazz. The intro is an ambient track. Followed by “Get Up & Curious” which are funkier than “Feel The Funk and Freedom” from the “Complex Compositions mixtape” The next track “Where I Belong” serves a cinematic techno sound.

“Feel The Pressure” is a tribute to classic reggae. What I grew up listening to, outside of gospel music. “Just Leave” is an EDM track with a video game sound. “After the Storm” is a dubstep track that thumps pretty hard. “I’m Good” closes out the reggae/dubstep part of the album.

“Pulse” opens the house party section of the album. “In The Way and Tonight” is a tribute to the retro-funk and 80s synth days. “Dreams of Funk” is a funk/house track. While “Blackout & 4am” are darker dance tracks. While the jazz tune “A Great Night” closes out the album.

The first two singles “Get Up and Tonight” are doing pretty good numbers. We’ve recently found out that my first mixtape peaked at #48 on the iTunes dance album charts. Which is definitely a blessing. I’m going to do it again.

You can preview the album below. Which is available on all music streaming platforms.


Thanks for listening.

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