Chazz and Company

It would totally make sense to explain it all. It’s 2069 and Chazz, James and Alex have become successful entrepreneurs and most of all grandparents. Back in season one Chazz was newly divorced in 2020 and starting over. Talk about typical television fashion. You know.. How a show fast forwards about five years later? We figured it would be cool to see where they are. Or, will be later.

James has become a successful music, movie and television producer. He’s also the president of Shroomtown Broadcasting Company, Shroomtown Productions and the owner of the Shroomtown transportation authority. He’s also the father of James Jr, Charlene, Lacey, Marley and Presley. Whom, he shares with Chazz. Who has become a successful actor and recording artist. Collectively, these two have sold 800 million records.

James’s cousin Alex has developed his own record label and often teams up with the two. Not only for business but to escape from his wife and crowded house. He manages the group “The Magnitude” which consists of his sons and nephews. While he still looks up to Chazz for advice. You will definitely see some wisdom coming from the funny one of the group. He’s the father of Alex Jr, Casey, Piper and Jesse. He’s also the grandfather of eight. He’s also retired from the secret missions.

This season their rivals are going to try and come for them. Will they end Shroomtown’s reign after fifty years? It’s totally possible. You will see them at home, work etc… As well as, spoofs and “Very Special Episodes”. William, Millie, Nana, Theresa, Paul, Rita and Kevin will be returning as the guys parents. Chazz’s sister Elizabeth and her son Tony will make guest appearances throughout the season. As well as, Randy Johnson. Marley and Presley’s childhood friend who hangs around the older gentleman for advice.

Of course, there will be shade throwing and all kinds of craziness.

My album “Chazz” serves as the soundtrack for the series. Which is available on all music streaming platforms.

Episodes one and two are on my YouTube channel.

Here’s a preview of season two.

Officer Chazz and his son Doctor Presley.

Enjoy!!! Let me know what you think!!

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