Happy October!

Normally, I can’t stand the fall. The cold weather is just frustrating. It’s getting dark outside earlier and earlier. I’ve become accustomed to the summer. I didn’t mind the heat at all. Which at one point of time. I was complaining about that too.

These days I’m just appreciative of a day off. I’m working practically seven days a week. I’m squeezing myself into my schedule. It’s definitely catching up with me. There’s some mornings that I can barely get out of bed. Which has me enjoying the cold weather. These days when it’s cold outside. I’ll stay home and work on my own projects. I’m sleeping in a lot more. Also, I kind of like dressing up for this kind of weather.

The hot drinks are always amazing. Then you have the store windows that always brightens up someone’s mood. It’s a plus and minus for me.

When summer comes around again. I’ll most likely complain about how much that I’m going to have to be outside. I’m just difficult to please I guess.

I hope everyone has a wonderful month. My album Chazz is available on all music streaming platforms.


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