Season Two

This season is going to be bit different. Season one I think we were just excited to create a series. We lost our minds and it didn’t make any sense.

We’ll do better this time.

This season the three musketeers… Chazz, James and Alex are taking a backseat and letting their children run the show. With that happening, the other network executives are trying to take them down. Which is slightly impossible due to the Williamson’s owning the majority of the planet. Who knows? Maybe their biggest rival may ruin the Shroomtown legacy.

You’ll also see some cast changes this season. Some of them had to just go. You’ll still see Barb, Belle and Opal as recurring characters. New characters this season is Elizabeth, Chazz’ younger sister who’s the voice of reason. Whenever, he decides to listen.

Tony: Elizabeth’s son, a senior in high school who admires his uncles. Best friends with his cousin James Jr.

Hector: Tony’s classmate and rival. His father runs a low rated network that thinks he’s Shroomtown’s competition.

Kenny Moorehead: Hector’s dad and James’s arch nemesis.

Lisa Cooper-Moorehead: Mother of Hector, wife of Kenny.

Randy Johnson: Marley and Presley’s best friend who also hangs around Chazz, James and Alex.

Check out the season premiere on YouTube.

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